The Northern Rivers is about to receive Australia’s first training in Syntropic Farming – an intensive, organic and regenerative agricultural production system that increases land productivity and biodiversity. From 7 to 30 April 2017, members of the Agenda Gostch (Brazil) will visit the NSW Far North Coast to deliver introductory and advanced courses about the principles and practices of the system developed by the Swiss botanist and researcher Ernst Gotsch.

Syntropic farming is a system of agriculture which creates an environment where varied products grow in the same patch at the same time, mimicking what happens in forest ecosystems once a natural clearing occurs. Once the productivity cycle is in place, the land becomes more fertile overtime and able to host more demanding crops without the need for industrialised fertilisers or pesticides. The result is cleaner foods and higher profits.

Syntropic systems are currently being developed in Byron Bay and Chillingham, and will be the venues for the Syntropic Farming courses in April.

The courses, Introduction to Syntropic Farming & Advance Practices in Syntropic Farming, will be conducted between 7 and 30 of April 2017 (3 sessions of 4 days each).

For further information and to register visit the Syntropic Farms Co website or Facebook Page.

Syntropic Farming