At its October 2013 meeting, the RDA-Northern Rivers Board adopted the RDA-Northern Rivers Community Engagement Strategy 2013-2016. 

The document — prepared by Jen Ireland Communications and Consultancy — catalogues our recent community engagement activities and provides guidance on how we can continue to develop a coherent regional view from a broad cross section of our region’s communities.

The document references the International Association of Public Participation’s ‘Spectrum of Engagement’ and draws on RDA-NR’s past activities in this space and the Principles of Regional Significance, created through community consultations for the development of the Northern Rivers Regional Plan , for guidance.

The focus of the strategy is to identify ways we can:

  • expand the spread of our engagement activity across the spectrum;
  • move beyond a one-off, project-based approach to one that links across sectors and projects to produce more sustainable engagement outcomes;
  • extend our reach beyond current stakeholders to gain a more representative view of the region; and
  • deepen the regional impact of our work and strengthen our leadership voice.

Download the Strategy