In August and September 2012, RDA–NR Rivers conducted its first ‘stakeholder survey’, in order to:

  1. collect information to assist RDA–NR plan its communications and engagement activities;
  2. develop a baseline level of understanding of stakeholder awareness of RDA–NR; and
  3. provide information on how RDA–NR can work with its stakedholders more effectively.

The 23 question survey was made available online and distributed via email to the RDA–NR email database of 1,590 stakeholders. The survey attracted 138 completed responses (response rate = 8.7%) and the group was characterised by:

  • similar proportions of male (47.3%) and female (52.7%) respondents;
  • similar proportions of employees from government (23.9%) and non-government (22.5%) organisations, with smaller proportions of business owners (18.1%), individuals self-identified as interested community members (10.1%), and private sector employees (8.7%). Only three elected representatives (local, State or Commonwealth) responded. There were also some participants from educational institutions and Boards of Directors;
  • predominantly aged between 36 and 65 years old; and
  • Three percent (3%) identified as being Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.
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