The Northern Rivers region can be likened to a nursery for horticultural innovation. Over the past two decades the industry in the region has shifted away from bananas and vegetables to also encompass macadamias avocados, coffee, tea, bush foods, herbs, bamboo, lychees and a range of other tropical fruits.


The region has significant areas of good soils, good access to transport networks linking it to markets.

Research and Resources

Strategies and Recommendations for a Sustainable Horticultural Industry in the Northern Rivers Region assessed horticultural products of the region and gave them a rating, based on criteria such as market prospects (domestic and export), agronomic suitability, sustainability, value add potential and regional comparative advantage. September 1999. Authors: John Baker, Produce Marketing Australia. Tony and Frances Biggs, Cardinal Horticultural Services. David Peasley, Peasley Horticultural Services. Sponsoring Organisations: NSWDSRD, NRRDB, NRACC.

September 1999. Authors: Planning and Managing Projects. Sponsoring Organisations: RIRDC, NRRDB, NRACC.

January 2003. Authors: Australia Corporation consulting Pty Ltd. Sponsoring Organisations: INR, NSW DSRD, DOTARS.

(Clarence to the Tweed) April 2000. Authors: David Peasley, John Baker, Tony Biggs. Sponsoring Organisations: NRRDB, NRACC,NSWDSRD.

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