The Northern Rivers is the birthplace of environmental awareness in Australia and during the past 30 years has continued to set high standards for the protection of the environment. This has seen the development of world-class industries that assist investors in meeting the environmental, economic and social needs of their communities.

Byron Bay

Extensive use of GIS mapping to monitor flora and fauna as well as land use, has resulted in the establishment of a leading edge mapping capability that is being exported around the world. It has also provided the technology needed to undertake mapping to identify land suitable for aquaculture development.

New waste water processing technology has been developed to upgrade effluent from sewerage plants to potable water quality. To showcase this technology, a village is currently under construction that will reuse its sewerage and reduce the demand for drinking water.

Remote sensing devices have been produced in an innovative use of technology to provide weather information and to control irrigation equipment in inaccessible areas.

The region has led the way with the development and refinement of power generation from alternative sources, solar, wind, tidal energy generation.

This environmental awareness and willingness to trial new technologies of much of the region’s population has led to many innovative ways to address environmental issues. This makes the region an ideal location for those organisations involved in the development, trial and marketing of new technologies.  There is also a developing network of businesses with common requirements and business philosophies.

Image(s) courtesy of Northern Rivers Tourism