Major Industries & Employers

The region’s key industries are:

Employment growth has been significant between 2001 – 2006 for construction (6.8%), health and community services (5.0%), finance and insurance (3.4%) and creative industries (2.5%).

Greater detail on major employers is provided in each local council profile.

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Regional Industry and Economic Plan (RIEP)

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Industry SectorEmploymentNorthern Rivers GRP* $ Million% Northern  Rivers GRP
Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing5,5642814
Electricity, Gas and Water Supply809791
Wholesale Trade2,9245427
Retail Trade13,78487911
Accommodation, Cafes and Restaurants8,0743975
Transport and Storage3,0193665
Communication Services1,4021252
Finance and Insurance1,9024456
Property and Business Services7,48675010
Government Administration and Defence5,3444826
Health and Community Services12,4471,15315
Cultural and Recreational Services1,1901402
Personal and Other Services3,5262233
TOTAL (GRP)7,843
* GRP = Gross Regional Product
(Source: ABS Journey to Work Data, ABS State Accounts & ABS Labour Fource Survey, 2006 - Northern Rivers Regional Industry and Economic Plan: Data Update, December 2009)
Primary ProductionService Creative and Knowledge Industries Evolving Industries
AvocadosAged CareArtistsShip building
Bananas Beef Coffee Building and Construction     Education Writers Film and film production Herbs Organic fruits and vegetables
Cropping Finance Computer Technology Bush foods
Dairy Health On-line learning technologies Aquaculture
MacadamiasRetail Industrye-business
Seafood and Fishing Tourism Design arts
Sugar caneMusicians
Tea Tree Performers and theatre practitioners
Major and evolving industries across the region fall into a number of categories. These are primary production, service industries, creative and knowledge industries and evolving industries.

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