The following government consultations provide opportunities for comments from stakeholders, industry and the wider community.


Australian Government Consultations

Aged Care

Streamlined Consumer Assessment for Aged Care
The Department of Health invites comment on the important elements that need to be considered in the development of a streamlined consumer assessment framework for all aged care services. Submissions close Monday 11 February 2019.


Future Drought Fund
The Australian Parliament invites comment on the Bills that aim to establish the Future Drought Fund, which would fund initiatives to enhance future drought resilience, preparation and response. Submissions close Friday 18 January 2019.


Higher Education Provider Category Standards
The Department of Education and Training invites comment on the review of the Higher Education Provider Category Standards, which define the different categories of providers and what registration requirements are expected of them. Submissions close Friday 1 March 2019.


Processing Aid in Dairy Processing
Food Standards Australia New Zealand invites comment on the application to allow the use of a specific lactase enzyme as a processing aid for use in dairy processing. Submissions close Thursday 17 January 2019.


Regulatory Options for Alkyl Nitrates
You are invited to comment on the paper outlining approaches for appropriate access and safety controls for alkyl nitrates, which includes the recreational drug known as ‘poppers’. Submissions close Tuesday 15 January 2018.

Mental Health
This Productivity Commission inquiry will look at how governments across Australia, employers, professional and community groups in healthcare, education, employment, social services, housing, and justice can contribute to improving mental health for people of all ages and cultural backgrounds. Submissions close Friday 5 April 2019.

Road Safety

Developing Technology-Neutral Road Rules for Driver Distraction
The National Transport Authority invites comment on the development of road rules that relate to driver distraction from technology devices. The road rules aim to be technology-neutral so as to not exclude any future technology development. Submission close Thursday 14 February 2019.


Early Release of Superannuation Benefits
The Treasury invites comment on the draft proposals for reform of the rules governing the early release of superannuation benefits on compassionate and severe financial hardship grounds. Submissions close Friday 15 February 2019.


Taxation of Insurance Companies
The Treasury invites comment on the potential tax impacts that implementing the new accounting standard for insurance contracts will have on insurance companies. Submissions close Thursday 31 January 2019.

Earnout Arrangements
The Australian Taxation Office invites comment on the issues concerning earnout arrangements in the context of the sale of a business asset or interest. Submissions close Friday 1 February 2019.

Law Companion Ruling – Taxable Payments Reporting System
The Australian Taxation Office invites comment on the law companion ruling on the expansion of the taxable payments reporting system to road freight, security, investigation or surveillance, and information technology services. Submissions close Friday 1 February 2019.

Zone Tax Offset
The Productivity Commission is asked to determine the appropriate ongoing form and function of the zone tax offset, FBT remote area concessions, and Remote Area Allowance. A study will commence in February 2019.