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In NSW, as across Australia and the rest of the world, there is a growing movement focussed on rebuilding our relationship with good food, which is ethically produced, with a minimal ecological impact. A vibrant, fair and sustainable regional food system will contribute to an enlivened, enterprising, connected and ultimately healthier community. Councils play a key role in this realm by providing leadership, enabling community-driven action and educating the community on how we can improve our local food system. This toolkit has been created to provide council staff with templates, case studies, methodologies and ideas for change. It demonstrates how councils can influence our food system without requiring extensive resources or time to achieve significant outcomes for the community.

How to use this kit

We strongly recommend that you read the Executive Summary document prior to accessing the rest of the resource kit. It provides context for the rest of the documents contained in the kit. Additionally, the key initiatives document outlines an additional 20+ projects that could be rolled out and can be a useful resource for generating ideas.

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Complete Food Security Kit

  • Complete Food Security Kit


The Securing Our Food Future project was funded through the NSW Environmental Trust. The project was rolled out by Regional Development Australia—Northern Rivers and overseen by a steering committee led by Clarence Valley CouncilCoffs Harbour City and Wollongong City Council.

Photos for this project were sourced from the Food Links Northern Rivers project and from the Creative Commons library.