Aged Care

Draft Charter of Aged Care Rights
The Department of Health invites comment on the progress of the draft Charter of Aged Care Rights. The Charter is intended to provide protection for the rights of people receiving aged care services. Submissions close Wednesday 10 October 2018.


Operating Drones
The Civil Aviation Safety Authority invites comment on the proposed new rules for the operation of remotely piloted aircraft systems, also known as drones. Submissions close Sunday 18 November 2018.


Wireless Broadband in the 26 GHz Band
The Australian Communications and Media Authority invites comment on the proposed options for what and how the 26 GHz band could be allocated for wireless broadband use. This new band is now accessible with emerging technologies and will increase potential data capacity. Submissions close Friday 2 November 2018.


Accessible Housing in the National Construction Code
The Australian Building Codes Board invites comment on the options for the possible inclusion of a minimum accessibility standard for housing in the National Construction Code. Accessible housing includes features that enable use by people with a disability or mobility challenges. Submissions close Friday 30 November 2018.

Consumer Issues

Consumer Data Right Rules
The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission invites comment on the ACCC’s proposed approach to establishing rules for the Consumer Data Right. The Consumer Data Right is a competition and consumer reform announced to ensure consumers are given more tailored, competitive services through the sharing of consumer data between service providers. Submissions close Friday 12 October 2018.

Consumer Issues Impacting Indigenous People
The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission invites participation in a survey on key consumer protection issues impacting Indigenous people in Australia. The survey covers key priority areas highlighted by the National Indigenous Consumer Strategy action plan. Submissions close Tuesday 4 December 2018.


Industry practice application note for asset replacement planning
The Australian Energy Regulator invites comment on the AER’s industry application note which is currently in development. The application note is intended to support network businesses in adopting best practice asset replacement planning. Submissions close Friday 19 October 2018.


Penalties for Corporate and Financial Sector Misconduct
The Treasury invites comment on the draft legislation that would strengthen penalties for corporate and financial sector misconduct. Submissions close Tuesday 23 October 2018.


Application to Permit the use of L-carnitine in Foods
Food Standards Australia New Zealand invites comment on an application to change the Food Standards Code. The proposed change to the code is to permit the sale and use of L-carnitine and L-carnitine L-tartrate as a nutritive substance in a range of food products. Submissions close Thursday 25 October 2018.


Public Sector Dental Workforce Scheme
The Dental Board of Australia invites comment on the proposal to close the Public Sector Dental Workforce Scheme, which provides a pathway to becoming a dentist. Submissions close Friday 2 November 2018.

National Arts and Disability Strategy
The Department of Communications and the Arts invites comments on how to improve access to and participation in creative and cultural activities by people with disability. These comments will help in the renewal of the National Arts and Disability Strategy. Submissions close Monday 3 December 2018.

Generic or Masked Chemical Names
The National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme invites comment on the proposed new scheme that will allow generic or masked chemical names to be listed instead of the chemicals full name. This would allow businesses to protect their chemical’s identity as confidential business information. Submissions close Friday 26 October 2018.

Health Service Organisation User Guide
The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care invites comment on the user guide for health service organisations that provide care for patients with cognitive impairment. This guide aims to suggest ways that organisations can best implement the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards. Submissions close Friday 2 November 2018.


Protection and Management of Identity Information
The Department of Home Affairs invites comment on the review into ways to improve how to protect, use and manage identity information in Australia. Submissions close Friday 26 October 2018.

Indigenous Knowledge

Indigenous Knowledge
IP Australia invites comment on the intellectual property responsibilities relating to the protection and management of Indigenous knowledge, including commercialisation of that knowledge. Submissions close Friday 1 February 2019. Note roundtables will be held across Australia in November. Check consultation website for dates and locations.


Work Test Exemption for Recent Retirees
The Treasury invites comment on the proposed legislation that would provide a one-year exemption for recent retirees from the work test for superannuation contributions. Submissions close Friday 26 October 2018.


The Digital Economy and the Corporate Tax System
The Treasury invites comment on options to improve Australia’s corporate tax system for the digitalised economy. Submissions close Friday 30 November 2018.