Apply for Deputy Chair and Committee positions with Regional Development Australia – Northern Rivers

Make a Difference in Your Region

Would you like to give something back to your community? Are you interested in leading/contributing to a committee who will focus on economic development in your region?

Regional Development Australia – Northern Rivers is seeking regional leaders with vision, drive and business experience who are able to facilitate economic development opportunities and investment for our regional communities and create jobs and growth.

Reforms to the RDA program and a new charter were announced in August 2017. This includes a focus on facilitating economic development by creating local jobs, attracting investment and driving innovation.

eoi_webtile_1Your networking skills will help build forums which enable consultation between business, industry and all levels of government and develop solutions for regional economic development.

Applications for Deputy Chair and Committee positions are sought from highly motivated and experienced people who are knowledgeable about the economic strengths and challenges of the region.

More information about the Regional Development Australia network and committees can be found at Join your RDA.

For further information, phone 02 6622 4011 (Mon–Fri 9am-5pm AEST) or email

Applications close on 7 April 2018.

Download the Applicant Information Pack 

Member Information Pack (docx 40.0 KiB)