Download submissions from RDA-NR to Government consultations here.


Document NameTypeFile Size
NorthCoastRegionalPlan 27May2016pdf252.4 KiB



Document NameTypeFile Size
Agricultural Competitiveness Green Paper Submission Dec 2014pdf309.8 KiB
Broadband Submission March 2014pdf401.9 KiB
RDA-NR Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper Submissionpdf588.2 KiB
NSW Agriculture IAP Draft Recommendationspdf553.8 KiB
March 2014 Inquiry Into Regional Aviation Servicespdf568.6 KiB
March 2014 Review of Regulatory Arrangements For The National Broadband Networkpdf400.3 KiB

NOTE: The submission to the NSW Agriculture Industry Action Plan – draft taskforce recommendations to government should be read in conjunction with the following papers:



Document NameTypeFile Size
August 2013 Agriculture Industry Action Planpdf94.2 KiB
April 2013 Creative Industries Industry Action Planpdf226.4 KiB
February 2013 Decentralisation Reviewpdf241.2 KiB
March 2013 NSW Freight And Ports Strategypdf226.4 KiB
June 2013 New Planning System White Paperpdf470.4 KiB
January 2013 Draft Report Walking, Riding & Access To Public Transportpdf191.7 KiB