The RDA-NR Board has formally adopted a number of position statements on key issues that affect the local region.

The following position statements (click the links to download the PDFs) were adopted on 11 December 2009 and are due for review in December 2012 unless otherwise stated.

Document NameTypeFile Size
Affordable Housing Position Statement-1pdf141.7 KiB
Agriculture Position Statement Reviewed And Adopted 141212pdf158.0 KiB
Clean Rivers Position Statementpdf123.6 KiB
Education Position Statementpdf111.2 KiB
ehealth Position Statementpdf149.4 KiB
ICT Position Statementpdf137.4 KiB
Infrastructure Position Statement Fact Sheetpdf192.3 KiB
Renewable Energy Position Statement 12Oct12pdf504.4 KiB
Sustainability Position Statement 11Dec09pdf139.5 KiB
Transport Position Statement 10Feb12pdf136.3 KiB